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It is necessary to buy a fancy bra?

Forward Some people say that women wear underwear behind the outfit. Others can’t see it. The underwear in the Voctoria’s Secret is so expensive and unnecessary. Just find a shop buy a cheap one or hardly change it. But, all kind of underwears is not as simple as “two pieces of fabric”. Breast is an […]

How Plus-Size Woman Are Bringing Sexy Back

Plus-size model: Jari Jones Recently, the brand-new advertising campaigns by American fashion brand Calvin Klein aroused a heated discussion. Let’s take a look at this group of photos first: In this group of photos, a plus-size African-American woman dressed in CK sports underwear, looking straight ahead. The entire set of pictures is filled with closeups of […]

Get Your Bright and Smart Bra For A Coolish Summer!

Hot summer comes! Does the sticky air drive you irritable and make you feel like jumping into cold water? For women, there is even more indescribable distress. Despite of scorching sunshine, women get no choice to wear one more clothing inside. Instead, men adjust to bare their upper body for more breathable air in nature. […]






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