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Thermal underwear: the thicker the better?

Since winter is near the corner, thermal underwear catches on these days. It’s commonly accepted that thicker underwear could protect us from the cold more effectively. Is this idea true or not? We will go through this question in our following passage. Thickness isn’t everything Being thick doesn’t necessarily mean that your clothes are good […]

Womens Push Up Lace Bra Underwire Full Coverage Comfort Plus Size Bra Lightly Padded

Misunderstandings of wearing a bra, do you have it?

In fact, wearing the wrong size of the bra is not the only misunderstanding we have committed. To talk about the misunderstanding, wearing the wrong size of the bra and the way it is worn are basic. There are some points that are easy to overlook, let us see if you have them. Wearing the […]

Why do women need to wear sports bra during exercise

A man wears a small animal on his chest to mimic the weight of different cups and women’s breasts. Then he wears this fake chest and does various exercises. At this time, the camera captures the state of the small animals. Although this is a video that is an advertisement, everyone has seen it: If […]






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