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There are five different phrases of breasts that change over the month

Sometimes they are smaller, sometimes they are tense and sometimes they seem to be somehow unequal. Every woman knows that: The breasts do not always feel the same. And that is certainly not imagination. In fact, the breast changes constantly within a month.

You cannot blame on yourself, but your hormones. They affect how the bosom shapes and even the size changes within the month. Of course, this does not quickly turn an A-cup into a D-cup overnight. But the breast completely changes that many women feel it very clearly.

One can divide the change of the breasts along the female cycle into five different phases. These are roughly as follows:

Source: Unsplash

First phase – The breasts are uneven

The breasts become uneven when your period starts, that is at the beginning of the cycle. At this point in time, the body adjusts to a possible pregnancy, but when it realizes that no child is on the way, it becomes normal again. You have to watch them anyway. If you do not go away after a few days, you should definitely go to the gynecologist.

Second phase – The breasts have shrunk

The bra may suddenly seem too big for you at the end of your period. That might not be a deception. Because the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body are lowest at this time, the swelling that has built up over the cycle goes back. Actually, that’s the normal size of your breasts.

Third phase – The breasts is tighter again

You may obviously experience a kind of natural lift on the twelfth day of your cycle. Then ovulation approaches and estrogen levels rise again. This makes the breasts look more plump.

Fourth Phase – You have a big bosom

Shortly after ovulation – on day 15 of your cycle, the levels of progesterone in the body are highest which result the breasts chubby and sometimes even slightly swollen. It may even make the breast look old and sometimes unnaturally big.

Fifth Phase – Something is wrong here

Sure, before the period you have Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and something is wrong because the right breast suddenly seems somehow bigger. Actually, there is nothing wrong. This is common and probably has something to do with the low level of estrogen. The breasts are in this phase really often unbalanced. When the period starts, everything is back to normal.

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