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4 things to look for when bra shopping online

Ok ladies, I’m sure we’ll all agree – when it comes to shopping – one of the hardest items to shop for is the bra. If we rewind back to the 90s and early 00s – we had to do it all in-store. Walking around the malls being fitted from shop to shop. The struggle was real!  

But, now we have the wonder of the Internet, allowing us to sit in our Pajamas and order anything at the push of a button.  

So, when it comes to bra shopping on the world wide web, how can we make sure we buy the perfect bra?  

WingsLove have give you guys some advice to shop bra online. Everything you should look for and why…

shopping bra online

Shop Humans not Mannequins

When choosing places to shop online, you want to look for photos of models in bras, rather than the websites which use mannequins. This way, you’ll get a better idea of how the bra will fit on you.  

Pay attention to the styling, the fit and how it makes the boobs look. You won’t be able to find that on a mannequin, for obvious reasons – they’re made from plastic.   

Read Product Descriptions Thoroughly

When shopping for a bra, the first thing to grab our attention is how it looks. But, if you want to choose the perfect bra, then you need to look past the pictures – into the description.

Ok, it can make the online shopping a little tedious, but, honestly you will save time and stress in the long run.  

Read through the materials used. Avoid anything that will make you itch or cheap materials – you will thank us in the long run.  

customer reviews

Reviews are Important

Something that has grown in popularity over the last 10 years is online reviews. It’s a big world online, which means there are many websites or brands with shoddy products.  

The best way to spot these is through online reviews. Simply googling the brand name and adding “Reviews” should bring up everything you need to know.  

WingsLove told us that Facebook also plays a huge part it this:  

“We receive a lot of reviews through social media, especially Facebook. This helps new customers find out more about our business and our products!”  

Thoroughly Read The Return Policy

Let’s face it, buying online is a little like first dates – not every purchase works out. Sometimes, we have to return to sender.  

Paying return fees suck! So, the best thing to do here is shop around for places that offer free returns. Some bra brands offer as much as 30-day free returns. This allows you to try your bra and make sure it’s the perfect fit – if not – you can send it back with no quarms!  


This is a great way to banish any stress when buying online.  

Click here to see WingsLove bra range!  

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