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Why your bra strap often slip off?

All Girls would have such kind of experience that the shoulder straps always slip. It is quite awkward that the bra strap slip off in public occasion. Once or twice is normal, if your bra straps often fall off, it may be that you don’t wear the right bra! Although the shoulder strap is small part of the whole lingerie, it still have skill to choose the fittest one.

strapless bra

Select bra straps under your shoulder type

1.Thick shoulder, which means the shoulders are moderately curved, the muscles are thicker, and the collarbone and scapula are not obviously.

Girl with tick shoulder should choose the wider bra strap with sufficient tension that makes you shoulder more comfortable. It should be attention that girls with thick shoulders are generally fuller, so it would be more effective to choose the 3/4 cups or full cups bras.

2.Thin shoulder, which is the shoulders are moderately curved, and the muscles are not thick; the collarbone and scapula are obvious, and most girls are this kind of shoulder.

When choosing a bra, you can choose a design that the strap is slightly outside, and the width of the strap are narrower than normal, which is more commensurate with thin shoulders. You can also choose the shoulder strap design in the middle position to stabilize the breast lifting force.

multi-way bra

3. Oblique shoulder, which is commonly known as the beauty shoulder, this type of shoulder has a large curvature, and the scapula does not protrude regardless of the number of shoulder muscles.

Choosing the slightly wider strap is good for anti-slip, and the non-slip treatment on the back of the strap can increase friction. In addition to cross straps, U-shaped bra straps are also a good choice.

4. Flat shoulder are commonly known as “general shoulders”, because this body shape has the visual impact of heroic and elegant. But this figure looks a bit square, you can adjust it through your chest.

For example, narrow shoulder type of flat shoulders, you can choose the bra with outer straps to make the body look more stretched; if it is wide shoulder type of flat shoulders, you can choose those bras with inner straps to make the chest look more concentrated.

full figure strapless bra

Choosing the bras that fits your shoulder shape can make you keep away from often fall off.

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