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How to choose underwear when you have period?

Well, there are always several days in a month, feeling very uncomfortable.In particular, many women would have breast tenderness problems during menstruation, because the glands of the breast are the same as the endometrium, the changes of the premenstrual hyperglycemia period and the premenstrual recovery period also occur with the changes of the menstrual cycle.

So the breast will feel uncomfortable in this special period, we should prepare at least 2 bras for changing, it would be better to choose wire-free bra and 1/2 cup bra, that make breasts more comfortable and relax.


now there are special menstrual period underwear.

Physiological underwear seems to be overkill, and many girls do not accept it at the beginning. Actually, physiological underwear has its unique advantages:

1. Anti-leak

The principle of anti-seepage is very simple, adding a layer of waterproof fabric at the bottom and the back of the underwear, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of side leakage of menstrual blood.


2. Comfortable And Relaxed

Physiological underwear designer has spent a lot of time in material selection and cutting, and the design is more ergonomic, breathable base material + fit design + wide adaptability,  which will greatly improve the comfort of physiological pants.

high cut brief

3. Clean and breathable

Physiological underwear is more breathable than ordinary underwear, there is no uncomfortable feeling even in the hot summer weather.


4.Easy to clean

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, although the underwear is stained, the dirt generally will not penetrate into the fabric fibers, so it is very easy to clean.

clothes washing

In addition, the underwear worn during menstrual period, it is best not to wear in usually.
Because the adhesive behind sanitary napkins can affect women’s health, When the sanitary napkin is torn off, the adhesive of the sanitary napkin will also be left on the inner side of the panties, which is easy to infect the private parts. So it is best to prepare some special underwear for menstruation.

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