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During the home isolation period, can the “boobs” release itself?

You don’t wear bra during the home isolation? According to the British “The Sun” reported on March 30, affected by the COVID-19, the British fully blockade has been implemented for a week. For women who at home, the standard match are disheveled, unwashed hair and loose, bulky long shirt.

British lingerie experts have also stepped up to warn that even if you are work at home, you should not take off their bras, because this will cause deformity of the chest, bend over, and even cause ligament damage.

Victoria Shelton, a British clothing designer from men’s and women’s luxury lingerie brand and swimwear shopping website named Flyleaves, said those in an interview with The Daily Mail: “Our chests need support. The chest itself has weight, and if not wearing a bra can cause bending over or hump back pain. If the chest is not supported, the Cooper ligaments around the chest will be damaged, which will cause the chest to deform.”

Victoria doesn’t recommend women not wear a bra when stays at home, she suggests us to change to a different kind of bras, such as very soft maternity bra, and wirefree bra with seam cups to support larger busts. In addition, padded hooks and soft shoulder straps will greatly enhance comfort.

Anna Akerlund, sales director of French luxury lingerie brand Louisa Brace, added: “Putting on a fitted bra will make you feel not wearing a bra.”

This week, many women posted on Twitter: “We are isolated, but our chests are finally free!”. “The bra less day has been extended for another 14 days, yeah!”. “Big shirt, no bra, I feel god!”

But experts remind them again that they should try to avoid wearing underwear for a long time to prevent permanent damage to their bodies. Alexandra Thrower, the brand manager of Chancellery, the first French brand of underwear, said that “As long as you are not afraid of breast deformation, you can’t wear a bra, With or without it, gravity is there. The larger the chest, the more severe deformation to bust.”

We also said that a long ago, you should not wear underwear at home. Here is the article for you don’t wear bra while staying at home, do you?

Take good care of your breasts whenever and wherever you are, and don’t let it “go”.


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