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“Empty Cup” is not just because of the small chest

It is believed that the “empty cup” when wearing bra is a situation that many women have encountered. In a simple word, “Empty cup” is that the bra can’t support the chest very well, causing some parts of the bra to be empty, which is awkward, especially in summer.
Many women think that the reason for the “empty cup” is the chest is too small, but it is not the case, there are many factors that result in this phenomenon.

underwire bra

Doesn’t choose the correct size
Many women think that the “empty cup” is caused by the small breasts. In fact, this reason only accounts for a small part, after all, bras are also divided into different size numbers, it is no doubt that the biggest reason is that you have not chosen the right size, we all know that bra is divided into A, B, C, D …….to meet the needs of different sizes. If you choose A cup but choose B cup, then you must be “empty”.

wingslove bra

The Cup is over deep
Many women like deep V-neck bra, this kind of bra is not only good-looking but also sexy. Generally this kind of bra with a deeper cup will be more suitable for big breasted women to wear. Will only cause “empty cups”. If you are a flat-chested girl, it is better not to try choose this kind of bra, or will only cause “empty cup”.

The Cup is too ticp
Some women think that the inner space of the thick cup underwear cup is smaller, so it is very suitable for the small chest to wear, and it wouldn’t be “empty cup” when wearing this kind of ticp cup.  Actually, it is not the case.
The underwear needed for a normal chest should look like a bowl inside the cup and fit snugly on the chest. The only difference is that some bowls are deeper and some are shallower.

lace bra

For the thick cup underwear, by adding the anti-human “warm sponge”, which makes the interior is not like a bowl, or a plate, but like an irregular bun, so it can not fit the chest well .

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