Seven most popular bras, which one is your favorite

With the changes of the times and the development of aesthetics, there are more and more bra styles on the market. Because everyone has different requirements for bras, their favorite bras are also different.
We have listed seven different styles of bras, there must be something you like!

Underwire Bra

Underwire Bra is the most common bra on the market, is a bra that every woman must have. Despite rumours such as cancer caused by the underwire, it did not shake the status of the underwire bra at all.

Because it can hold the breast firmly and shape a better chest shape, it is especially necessary for the big breasted girl to prevent the chest from expanding.

Triangle Bra

As the name suggests, its a bra with a triangular cup shape, generally without a underwire or a padding, it just a thin piece of cloth, which is very suitable for small chest.

You will feel refreshing and not sultry after you try it on, its the best choice for summer. You can just wear this bra in a suit jacket, or wear it in a T-shirt and shirt.

1/2 Cup Bra

Commonly known as “half cup bra”, the bottom underwire can lift the chest, revealing the perfect chest shape, is the sexiest style in all bra. But this bra only fit for women who has small chest, because it only has small size.

Strapless Bra

It is very suitable for wearing dresses, wedding dresses and other clothing that requires off-the-shoulder, but there also have some straplss bra has multiway straps, you can remove it when you don’t need it and attach it when needed.

Wireless Bra

It do not has underwire, same as the triangle bra. The biggest advantage is that it is very comfortable to wear, even you can not feel its existence. But it does not have enough support for your chest.

Sports Bra

Sports bras are designed for sports and fitness. It can play a good supporting role on the chest during sports and has a shock absorption effect.

Deep U / V bra

This type of bra is usually V or U-shaped, and there is no trace when wearing clothing with a low neckline to avoid embarrassment. But this kind of bra is not suitable for daily wear, just take it out and wear it when needed.

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