Why your bra is easily deformed

The replacement cycle of a piece of bra is from 6 months to one year, but some girls feel that their bra is particularly easy to deform, why is this?

Wash with washing machine

Sometimes in order to be lazy, some people like to throw bra directly into the washing machine. As we all know, wash bra with washing machine is easy to be contaminated with bacteria. And another hazard is that it is easy to cause bra deformation. If you must put it in the washing machine for cleaning, be sure to put on a laundry bag.

Like to use a dryer or wring

Some girls like to wash their bra by hand.And put them in the washing machine to dry or wring them directly after washing, which can easily deform the bra.
The correct way is before hang it, use a dry towel to fully absorb the moisture on the bra, which can prevent the bra from deforming.

Don’t know how to store

Many people will randomly pile underwear together, which will also accelerate the deformation of bra. The correct way is to fold one cup of the wireless bra into the other cup, and then put the shoulder strap and back into the lining.
If it is underwire bra, just lay it fla. And the underwear can be rolled up and stored, which not only saves space, but also can store clothes more neatly.

The drying method is wrong

Wet bras should be hung up at the center of the cup. Never hang the shoulder strap, because the weight of water will stretch the shoulder strap. Moreover, the sun can easily cause the clothes to deteriorate and fade, so bra can only be dried in a cool and ventilated place.

In addition, we should pay attention to the following points:

1.Check the bra before cleaning it. And then hook the back hook and fasten the shoulder strap to avoid hooking the fabric during the washing.
2.When washing, you should dissolve the neutral detergent in the warm water of 30 ℃ -40 ℃ before putting down the clothes at first. After soaking for a while, pat gently with your hands.
3.Rinse out the detergent thoroughly when cleaning.
4.Do not use fabric softener after washing to avoid damage to the elastic fibers of the bra.

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