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Get Your Bright and Smart Bra For A Coolish Summer!

Hot summer comes! Does the sticky air drive you irritable and make you feel like jumping into cold water? For women, there is even more indescribable distress. Despite of scorching sunshine, women get no choice to wear one more clothing inside. Instead, men adjust to bare their upper body for more breathable air in nature.

Sounds unfair, right? Don’t be discouraged or frustrating! During this anxious season, as long as you possess a series of lightweight and unrestrained lingerie, you would effortlessly earn the right to embrace summer. Promise not to miss the precious opportunity to show off your brilliant appearance!

Non-padded or Lightly padded
It must be your first choice extremely recommended in summer. Non-padded bra comes out with a sense of lithesome and refreshing, free of sultry, without worries about greasy feeling brought by sweat. With her, you almost forgot you ’re wearing one, eventually being the simplest happiness inspiration. You won’t be regret having one even on a heated summer day. Warm reminder, for women with a smaller chest, you might decide on the lightly padded one, with further gathering and attractive cleavage, self-confidence enhanced.

It’s faithful that most of women have been tortured by underwire things, so please be brave to place them all aside this summer! Without the restraint of them, you are able to breathe at your pleasure and wander freely in the summer ocean. Wingslove designed this pull-on closure lace bralette, conveniently on and off, stretching all around. It is satisfactory for leisure or sleeping wear as well. Go pursuit for your easy and simple life attitude and brighten up your smile face!

Gorgeous Lace
Sunny season has arrived, will girls continue to store their suspender skirts, halter or deep V dresses, or even see-through clothes in lovely wardrobe? No! Pick up a glamorous and adorable lace bra to light up you again! Fascinating and stunning back lines coming out, you become gratified and confident in an instant. Wingslove newly launched a front closure lace bra of romantic retro style, exquisite and plentiful lace embellishment on the back, presenting elegant and fashionable temperament of women, perfect matching with her lace underwear!

In boiling summer, we should not ignore those hardworking women on weekdays. Of course, they’re usually not allowed to wear too much dazzling at work. Therefore, T-shirt bras with smooth cups are definitely born for these independent and beautiful women. Even under the sweaty shirts, nothing would be noticed except appealing breast silhouette. There won’t be unnecessary attention caused by fancy or strange patterns. Advocate for NUDE under white T-shirt, invisible, marvelously unique color for this season.

It’s time to demonstrate your alluring collarbone and slender shoulders courageously. Some girls are crazy about the tube tops. For the purpose of putting them on, they change with transparent straps, which are not strong enough to support longer, tighten and hurt their skin as well, neither good-looking nor practical. You might need this strapless bra with detachable shoulder straps, form-fitting out of empty cups, under band preventing the embarrassment of sliding down, like a part of your own body. Crossing the straps to convert into multiple types. Owning one for all!

Wear Outside
The pace of chasing fashion in the new era will never stop. Bras are no longer a secret accessory that can only be hidden inside. Why not directly display its particular brilliance? Delicately crafted in detail, merely paired with a thin coat leads to advanced fashion. The wonderfully rounded breast reveals the cleavage, slimmer, and style up.

Summer Sports
What should I do if I don’t have a good figure in the summer? Exercise right away, sweating adequately and loading off the terrible fat. Bring with the thin cotton cups sports bra which breaths well with a silky and relaxed touch on the breast. Only with a healthy shape can you shine in the summer!

Cherish the summer coolish air, enjoy it!


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