How PlusSize Woman Are Bringing Sexy Back

Plus size model: Jari Jones

Recently, the brand-new advertising campaigns by American fashion brand Calvin Klein aroused a heated discussion.

Let’s take a look at this group of photos first:

In this group of photos, a plus-size African-American woman dressed in CK sports underwear, looking straight ahead. The entire set of pictures is filled with closeups of the female model’s upper body, which is extremely visually striking.

Jari Jones, a black transgender female model, who is the focus of the heated discussion. She was born in 1991, a passionate youth from the United States.

Jones has multiple identities. She is an actor, model, filmmaker, and LGBTQ group activist. She participated in the main competition unit of the Cannes Film Festival in France in 2019. Public information shows that she is the first transgender black female producer who took part in this film festival competition.

After CK published advertisement, supporters believed that CK intended to promote aesthetic diversification. Jari Jones’ images also reflected that the brand considered plus size women’s needs.

Opponents believed that CK was being too “politically correct” because of the pressure of the ongoing anti-racism movement in America. They insisted that the main purpose of advertising is to promote consumption, but Jones didn’t conform to the mainstream aesthetic.

So her image didn’t fit on the brand, which will make consumers lose the desire to buy CK products.

This set of commercials shot by CK precedes the “Black Live Matters” anti-racism campaign. The original intention of the ADS is to invite representatives of the LGBTQ group to participate in this marketing campaign. These ads will support The 2020 “Rainbow Pride Month” event.

Besides, CK also invited 8 other LGBTQ models of different races and skin colors to take part in a series of ads.

CK made a statement after. The theme of commercials Ads is “ProudinMyCalvins”. It supposes to encourage people to accept themselves and live their true selves.

Popular plus size bra models

Ashley Graham

The most popular plus size model is undoubtedly Ashley Graham. She is 175cm tall and weighs 80 kg. In 2009, Ashley Graham appeared at the cover of “Glamour” magazine and became one of the representatives of plus-size models. She is on the covers of many fashion magazines such as “Vogue”, “Elle” and “Bazaar”. Her career is booming. She performs well the plus size fashion bra.

Ali Tate-Cutler

Ali Tate-Cutler is a plus size bra model from the UK. She was laid-off because she was getting discrimination for her shape. However, She got a chance to become a popular celebrity on Instagram. finally, she became the first “plus-size model” of Victoria’s Secret.
She is beautiful because of her confidence instead of her body shape.

Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday is an Instagram celebrity and plus-size model. She is 165cm tall and weighs more than 110 kg. She has absolute confidence in her appearance, with a bright smile.

Many lingerie brands begin to advocate diversified aesthetics, such as Rihanna’s Savage × Fenty and Victoria’s Secret. They design different types of bra for different female figures.

Health has become a new beauty standard. There are many large size bra brands now, you can choose your suitable size. The style of large-size models is also worth learning.

American model Ashley Graham likes to choose a simple and clean style. A white T-shirt with a hip skirt can highlight her superior upper body. Comfortable plus size strapless bra makes the breast shape more perfect. Less is more, simple Offit can make you more refresh.

Nicolette Mason likes to wear puffy skirts with stiff materials. It makes her look cute. Also, the Black leather jacket and blue jeans on her look perfect.

Plus-size models also live a healthy life and do exercise a lot.

But the purpose of their fitness is to make the skin firm and smooth, not to lose weight. Candice Huffine, the first plus-size model, appears on the cover Pirelli magazine. She loves fitness very much and she like yoga sport bra. The pictures of her always show she is on the way to the gym.

Keep exercise and stay healthy.

Choose clothing and different kinds of bra that suits you.

There is never a single standard for beauty.

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