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It is necessary to buy a fancy bra?


Some people say that women wear underwear behind the outfit. Others can’t see it. The underwear in the Voctoria’s Secret is so expensive and unnecessary. Just find a shop buy a cheap one or hardly change it.

lingeries in the Voctoria’s Secret’

But, all kind of underwears is not as simple as “two pieces of fabric”.

Breast is an important part of women. If you don’t pay attention to it, it may cause damage to your body, such as sagging, external expansion, accessory breast, looseness, and black areola.

Therefore, we must be more careful to choose underwear. The author will give you three methods to choose a fancy bra.

1. Underwear fabric

The fabric is like your second skin. Cheap underwear may be rougher. After putting it on, the chest cannot be better breathable, and the texture is poor. It will be deformed after being worn a few times. Good material underwear will effectively push up the breasts to achieve the corrective effect. It doesn’t give any pressure to your breasts. It won’t make you uncomfortable. It’s cozy and stunning.

wingslove’s underwire bra

2. The effect of a fancy bra

Cheap material underwear can’t cover the breast well. Your breast is no solid after putting it on. A good underwear holder pushes your breast well and modifies breast shape. It helps you have perfect breast shape.

3. Wire materials

The cheap strap-underwear is hard, and you will feel something press your sensitive breast. If you put it in the washing machine, the underwire will puncture the underwear a few times. It will cause damage to the breast. Good strap-underwear is made of plastic. it doesn’t hard as the wire underwear. Not only can the breast shape look good, but it is also much more comfortable than the wire one. Your breast will not feel stuck.

wingslove’s underwire bra


You don’t need to buy fancy or expensive bras like Victoria’s Secret, Savage Fenty, or even the luxury band or La Perla all the time. You just need to follow these rules that you can keep your beast health.

la perla

In our life, the underwear is always company us. Although no one tries to see your fancy bra. But make yourself feel comfortable is the essential meaning of “fancy”. The underwear is touching your breast every minute and every second.

Moreover, it is also related to the health of the breasts.
You must take good care of yourself and choose the right fancy strap-underwear. You also can choose the sports bra, bralette, and strapless underwear.

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