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The secrets of saving ten thousand hours

There is a saying, if you use 10 thousand hours to do one thing, you will be the expert of it. People pay attention to the selection, cleaning, storage, and maintenance of the bra. Some tips can help you save “ten thousand hours”.

Cup type

The 3/4 cup bra is the best style for concentration, suitable for women with full breasts. The 1/2 cup bra is suitable for women with good breast shape and moderate breasts. The strapless-bra can generally be adjusted or removed by itself. Full coverage bras make big size woman feel safe.


Floral lace bra is the symbol of sexy and pure. it can also represent all brave new-age female charm.

Shoulder strap

A good shoulder strap has fixed functions of a bra. Ordinary shoulder straps are classic, just like coffee without sugar, which is the most widely used by every elegant woman. The cross-strap bras are suitable for women who love sports. They are energetic, youthful, and charming.


The choice of bra color should match your skin and personality. Grey and light color are elegance and femininity and are also the most widely used. The bright colors are full of vitality, active, and cheerful. Such women have a cheerful personality and taste.

The choice of bra color can be determined according to personality. But remember not to choose a dark color bra when wearing light clothes. Nude and white are good choices.

In the workplace and formal occasions, making bra looming is not sexy. Pay attention to the matching of bra and outfit. When choosing an outfit, also consider avoiding the problem of an exposed bra.

The standard for suitable bra

When wearing, the body lines should be smooth and in proportion; do not choose tight bra, it is not good for health. The size of the bra and underwear should fit the body, and it is advisable to have a smooth body line and avoid the body from being tied up by bra.

Wearing occasion and bra material

you usually choose body shaping underwear with better shaping effect, which can play a good role in adjusting body shape.

For daily work, you can choose a wireless bra with a shaping function.

For vacation and sleep, you can choose a more comfortable bra.

It is best to choose a high-quality bra that is light, fast-drying, cool, comfortable, and easy to clean.

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