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Autumn and winter fashion color trend

Pantone, the world’s most authoritative color agency, also released to us the trend of 2020 autumn and winter colors.The five popular colors are mint green, purple, earthy, blue and rose red.

Mint green

The season effects color changes.Mint green is fresher and softer than last year’s hot avocado green.

This kind of light color that seems to belong only to the spring and summer seasons. But actually, it can highlight the unique elegance of women.The vibrant natural color system has the healing power of autumn and winter warmth, and the soft and comfortable sweater fit in daily life.

Mint green is also suitable for working circumstances.

Many bra brands have also launched a single product in this color.

Taro purple

It has escaped from the sweetness of summer and has become a color not only for young girls.

It can be integrated with suit jackets, trousers, and shirts. It is more romantic and luxurious.

some bra designers think that the color of taro purple is more attractive, especially for Asian girls. So consumers will be interested in when choosing. It is gentle and sweet, and I feel my heart melted when I look at it.

3.Sandstone brown

The color of the earth is also called “sandstone brown” in the autumn and winter of 2020. It comes from the color of rock brown and sandstone in the desert, which will be more atmospheric and simple, noble, and classic.It always gives people an elegant feeling, and it is the color of autumn.

From the caramel color in 2018 to the oatmeal color in 2019, the popular colors of autumn and winter in the past two years were warm and quiet.

Sandstone brown is a light brown with orange tones, which is more textured than orange, full of autumn and winter smell.

Lake blue

Lake blue is also called strong blue.Compared with the classic blue, the saturation is lower. It can make you look more confident and vitality into the blue tone.


This color is stunning and eye-catching and has become the most beautiful color in winter.

Rose-red is also called brilliant pink. Like one of the colors that express the rose color, it has a transparent and unsullied bright red. Rose-red is a very conspicuous color, but also a medium tone, which can bring a dreamlike atmosphere to women. Rose-red always reminds people of roses, the king of flowers.

Many fashion brands use this stunning color on the packaging and texture of the brand, knowing how popular it will be in the fall of 2020.

Every color has its meaning, and maybe not every color can be accepted at the first glance. but it always has its brightness, there is always with the meaning of its existence.

Which color do you like best, please leave me a message!

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