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Without Victoria’s Secret, What Can We Wear?

Recently, we keep listening to the news that Victoria’s Secret is going to bankrupt.
For a long time, Victoria’s Secret has created the image of a gorgeous, tight, sexy girl without a trace of over-weight, which has been the picture of this brand for decades.

In recent years, more and more women have begun to accept the concept of “diversity of beauty”.

Or, it is not necessary to admit that overweight is beautiful. But compared with being “sexy”, personal comfort, and happiness are more important.

Okay, no matter whether Victoria’s Secret works or not, we still have to wear underwear.

If you want to know the latest underwear trends, you will know the from self-portraits of various bloggers.

The overall theme is the same as this year’s slogan: I just care about my comfort.

As for the color, just look for white.

1. White vest + granny panties

It is talking about the most traditional white high-waisted briefs, really no underwear can be more simple than it.

Together with the white vest, it has become the “home bikini” in the minds of bloggers.

From Anne-Laure Mais to Michelle Li, they used this combination to take selfies in the mirror.

Blogger Christie Tyler and model Amy Julliette Lefévre played a “bath towel toe cap” look.

It feels like a perfect shape just after taking a shower.

Blogger Cass DiMicco went straight to the bed to show her legs.

With a pair of Nike socks, it is comfortable enough to roll around the bed.

In addition to the white vest, she also matched the blue T-shirt, the same as blogger Marie von Behrens.

Do not deviate from the overall white theme.

Although the style is conservative, the source of the fashionable “grandma pants” is popular with online celebrities.

Bloggers Cass DiMicco and Lauren Crowe both wore $28 Skims, the corset brand of Kim Kardashian.

The same pair of Skims grandma pants, blogger Allison Kelley matched the same brand cotton bralette, 32 dollars, very comfortable at first glance.

The color of the photo is also great, giving people a sunny and healthy feeling.

British blogger Safaa Alban Lloyd and stylist Leila Violet Bailey’s matching bralette and grandma pants are gray, from the brand Les Girls Les Boys.

The prices are 46 and 33 dollars.

Colombian blogger Jen Ceballos’ selfies feature not only flowers covering his chest but also granny pants.

It comes from the brand Are You Am I. It’s a bit like a boy’s underwear? No totally incorrect.

And blogger Reese Blutstein, the front design is not boy’s shorts?
The brand Vivien Ramsay only makes underwear for girls, and this pair of shorts is $55.

Does the author give some ideas for you about how to be fashionable when quarantined at home?
Just purchase granny panties for yourself!

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