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Do You Know What is the Most Classic Bra Set?

This year the most classic bra set:Single layer lace bra and lace pants.

Grandma’s panty and boyfriend’s underwear became the fashion trend. But the most charming, fascinating,and classic bra set is still lace bras set.

Single-layer lace underwear combines comfort and sexy.

I like this photo of Russian model Anja Konstantinova.

cuddle with my baby, wearing Lonely Lingerie lace underwear,

Lace is naturally the sexiest in black, but the author found that more and more people wear white lace underwear.

Probably compared with black, white lace has its innocence, and it’s not pretending to be mysterious.

French fashion journalist Sabina Socol has taken this group of photos very well recently.

La Perla white lace bra + jeans, retro colors are very atmospheric.

Blogger Izzy Lou’s “bath towel” selfie, wearing a set of Gooseberry Intimates.

Lace bra and shorts are 65 and 39 dollars respectively, and a single layer of lace is delicacy enough.

For Love & Lemons is also a brand that loves white lace underwear.

Various small accessories and small clothes are also very beautiful, such as the garter belt for $49 in the picture below and the transparent puff sleeve top for $119.

Gooseberry Intimates even produced transparent white lace shorts!

For $79, we saw it in the selfies of bloggers Maria Neyra and Lauren Crowe.

Bloggers Sarah Veeve and Mikaela Sundlov put his white lace underwear + shorts in a black wide-shoulder suit.

The temperament contrast between inner and outer clothes is very obvious.

Seeing this, some people may ask: Isn’t it said that underwear is taking the “free” route now, why are you talking about sexy lace again?

Is wearing underwear for our own physical and mental comfort, or is it showing a part to look good?

This is not a contradiction.

Some people like to squeeze the chest with underweir bra, some people are too relaxing and they just use the invisible nipple cover. The most comfortable is that you can choose whatever you want.

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