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New Fashion Trendy: White Shirt + boyshorts

That’s right, boxer boyshorts that look like boys’ underwear are also a major trend of underwear choice today. They are just too comfortable.

Photographer Emma Hoareau who is waring a boyshorts is from Les Girls Les Boys.

The selfies of bloggers Shea Marie and Matilda Djerf have no sense of “boy” at all, and their long wavy hair and boxer boyshorts are also a very good fit.

Their bottoms are Jacquemus cost 220 dollars and Skims cost 34 dollars.

Blogger Cass DiMicco and model Lori Harvey lay down on the bed and hold their heads.

Their shorts are from Are You Am I and Balenciaga, it has a logo on the waistband.

Logo boxer boyshorts look vintage style. It cams from the 1990s.

But the blogger Christie Tyler and stylist Cristina Gomes are also in love with a white shirt to match a boxer boyshorts. Is there any neutral style?

Australian blogger Jessica Alizzi also matched the shirt.

In my opinion, the collocation idea of ​​these bloggers is to use boxer boyshorts as underwear version gym pants.

Colombian blogger Jen Ceballos is even more powerful, using square shorts directly with a wide-shoulder suit.

This “underwear wear” idea is also too bold.

Of course, the one on the right of the picture is not underwear. It comes from the capsule series co-operated by Jacquemus and Ssense. It is the Jacquemus‘ first home collection.

So a pair of home-wear shorts, 190 dollars.

In comparison, American fashion journalist Alyssa Coscarelli’s plan is more cost-effective.

I found a pair of real boys’ underwear, matched with a Jacqumus short-sleeved shirt.

Why are bloggers wearing boyshorts?

Probably because compared with briefs, it is not so “underwear”, and at the same time it is very close and beautiful.

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