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How to choose a perfect sports bra

First, Choose according to the appearance of sports bra

After determining what strength bra is needed, you can take a closer look at the different designs of various sports bra on the internet.

➊ There are three types of cups

The cup is divided into compression type, cup type, and their combination-compression cup integrated.

what differences are there?

If it is an easy exercise, it may be fine to hold it tightly. This is a compression sports bra. Compression is more suitable for girls with small breasts. Such as a yoga bra.

The left and right cup-style can limit the breasts from shaking in all directions. so it can actually provide better support, which is more suitable for slightly higher intensity exercises. For example a high impact free-wire sports bra.

Finally, there is an integrated compression cup, which not only suppresses you but also restricts your shaking. This is more suitable for high-intensity sports or girls with big breasts. For instance, the high impact racerback wire-free bra.

Second,there are three types of shoulder straps

Shoulder straps can be divided into vertical/vest straps, cross straps, and suspender straps.

The advantage of the crossed shoulder straps is that they are not easy to fall off. Because the cross shoulder straps are more beautiful, many designers prefer such a back design.

The vertical shoulder strap, that is, the two shoulder straps are parallel, is a regular style. The support is a medium sports bra, and most of the shoulder straps can be adjusted, which is a safer choice.

There is also a vest type, which is strong in wrapping and suitable for high-intensity sports.

Third, underwear with buckles on the back

Sports underwear can be divided into two types: a set of headwear and a buckle on the back.

When trying on, if it is a hook, it is recommended to buy a sports bra with the outermost button just right.

Because the elasticity of sports underwear gradually becomes looser, you can also adjust the buckle to ensure the fit.

The final tip: You have you try before buy!

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