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Why do women need to wear sports bra during exercise

A man wears a small animal on his chest to mimic the weight of different cups and women’s breasts.

Then he wears this fake chest and does various exercises. At this time, the camera captures the state of the small animals.

Although this is a video that is an advertisement, everyone has seen it: If you don’t wear sports underwear during exercise, your breasts will suffer!

Because women’s chests do not have skeletal muscle support. If they exercise a lot without protection. The suspensory ligaments of the chest may be stretched and deformed, which may accelerate the sagging. And the sports experience is not good.

Today the author is going to tell us how to choose a sports bra base on the dimensions of exercise mode.

1.Choose according to the intensity of exercise

We can divide underwear into three types of support: high, middle, and low, corresponding to three different intensities of exercise.

They will decide how intesive your breasts are shaking.

Low intensity, such as yoga, walking, iron lifting, dancing. You can choose a yoga bra.

Medium intensity, such as aerobics, HIIT, cycling, fitness. The medium impact sports bra should be the best choice.

High intensity, such as long-distance running, basketball, tennis. At this moment you need a front closure zip sports bra high impact racerback wirefre bra

Correspondingly, we can choose different support types of underwear. (Some underwear labels will directly indicate the applicable sports, you can also refer to the one to buy directly.)

It can also guide you to choose underwear according to the size of your breasts.

If your bra cup is relatively large and you need underwear with better stability, it is recommended to choose high impact sports bra.

If the cup is small, you can choose relatively low impact sports bra.

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