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Misunderstandings of wearing a bra, do you have it?

In fact, wearing the wrong size of the bra is not the only misunderstanding we have committed.

To talk about the misunderstanding, wearing the wrong size of the bra and the way it is worn are basic. There are some points that are easy to overlook, let us see if you have them.

  • Wearing the wrong style bra

Buying a bra should not be an impulsive and quick thing. You need to spend time trying out several styles to find one that suits your body shape. Think about how long it took us to find a suitable pair of jeans, a suitable jacket, and a suitable sweater. If a bra is suitable for you, then you probably don’t remember that you are wearing a bra today.

  • Over-reliance on underwire bras

Women believe that they must wear bras with underwires so that they can get a good shape and strong support.

In fact, a professional wirefree bra can also give you enough support for your chest, and it is really comfortable. It will make you looks great, and it is also very convenient to use machine to wash it.

  • Too few types of bras

You have to prepare several different styles of bra to meet different occasions and situations.

It may also take several different cups to adapt to the changes in the chest caused by hormonal changes.

When wearing a T-shirt, you can choose a bra that can show a smooth silhouette; running or yoga in a gym requires a sports bra; a strapless bra is suitable for occasions wearing a light evening dress.

  • Infrequent cleaning and replacement

Ideally, you should wash the bra once after you wear it. Bras should be changed every six months or a year, and underwear should be changed more frequently.

  • Ignore the importance of sports bras

It is very important to choose and wear a sports bra correctly when doing aerobic exercise or running. Otherwise, it not only inconvenient to exercise, but also not good for the chest.

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