Thermal underwear: the thicker the better?

Since winter is near the corner, thermal underwear catches on these days. It’s commonly accepted that thicker underwear could protect us from the cold more effectively. Is this idea true or not? We will go through this question in our following passage.

thermal clothes

  • Thickness isnt everything

Being thick doesn’t necessarily mean that your clothes are good at keeping you warm, it could also bring harm to your skin: thick thermal underwear could block your skin apart from the outside, causing a non-breathable situation. Also, your limbs might be restricted by heavy thermal clothes.

It’s up to its material to decide whether the thermal underwear is worth buying. The lower the thermal conductivity index it has, the warmer your clothes will be.

  • Key lies in its breathing

Whether the thermal underwear is comfortable comes from its breathing. Good thermal underwear could not only give you warmth, but it takes away most of the moisture on your skin’s surface and keep yourself cool and dry. By blending with cotton, some thermal underwear would trap the moisture inside to prevent your body from itching because of total dryness.

  • Keep an eye on its MATERIAL

Below are some comparisons among different materials, you could decide which to buy according to their own characteristics:

  • Cotton

Good at keeping the moisture away; soft touching; don’t have to worry about static issue when taking them off.

Non-breathable; hard to dry if you sweat a lot in winter; easily lose its shape after doing several-time laundry.

  • Synthetic fiber:
synthetic fiber

Light and easy to carry; first choice of many thermal underwears; impressive ability to absorb the moist; breathable

Terrible static and pilling issues

  • Woolen:

Comfortable feelings and quick water absorption; preventing bad smell and bacteria.

Non-durable; great shrinkage(Some company will consider blending synthetic fibers into the woolen clothes to avoid this problem)

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