Which is better: Wired or Wire-free?

For ladies, underwear is an indispensable part of daily life. Today’s underwear could be mainly categorized into two kinds: Underwired and Wire-free. But which one should we choose? Let’s take at look at their characters to decide whether they suit you or not.

wingslove push-up bra
Wingslove Front-Closure Underwired Bra

The advantages of Underwired bras

Underwired bras could effectively push up your boobs, give you great support and highlight your cleavage.

The most noticeable function of wired bras is to steadily support your boobs and shape your figure. It helps to prevent boob sagging, expansion and looseness especially for those big-boobs ladies.  

Underwired bra is for those with immature breasts or big breasts, since it could give them more supports.

wingslove wire-free bra
Wingslove Lace Wire-free Bra

The advantages of Wire-free bras

Wire-free bras give you a sense of no restraint, providing you more rooms to move around.  

The surface of wire-free bra is smoother, you don’t have to worry about your boobs being pressed too hard. According to a research, the ladies who wear underwired bras more than ten hours a day would face a greater chance of suffering from breast-related diseases. Therefore, ladies should properly relax their boobs, wearing wire-free bras from time to time could do good to physical health. Wire-free bras suit those ladies with mature small breasts.

wingslove bra

There is no absolute conclusions of being good or bad between these two kinds of bras. Underwired and wire-free bras both have their own advantages, and suit for different groups of people. Sometimes, we should change different bras for occasions: breast becomes more sensitive during the period, at this time, wire-free bra could give your a more comfortable experience; For work and some formal occasions, you could choose under-wired bras to give yourself a more decent and perfect shape.

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