How to pick a wonderful wire-free bra?

We’ve mentioned the differences between underwired and wire-free bras in our last post. In this passage we will go through the way to choose your perfect wire-free bras.

Wingslove wire-free bra
Wingslove wire-free bra

To buy a perfect bras, you’d better pay attention to following points.

  • Fabric
wingslove nylon fabric
Nylon fabric

High-tech fabric is often applied to good-quality wire-free bras. They give you a breathable experience. The lining is mainly made of nylon, which is so light, flexible and resilient that they could improve the fastness of your bras. This fabric goes well with the invisible elastic band inside your lining, leaving no mark or uncomfortable feelings on your skin. A good fabric should fit your figure and feels like wearing nothing when it’s on!

  • Side wing
The side wing of Wingslove bra
Side wing of Wingslove wire-free bra

The bad design of the side wings could lead to side boobs and dislocation. Some wire-free bras adopt advanced bionic design like dolphin fin pattern, giving more supports to the breasts and effectively avoiding side boobs problem. Later we will give another passage to talk about what elements contribute to good side wings in details.

  • Strap
Strap of wingslove wire-free bra

Great straps are usually detachable and adjustable. Adjusted freely according to your figure, the bras would relieve the pressure on your shoulder, providing a more comfortable, healthy wearing way for your daily life.

The straps should also be detachable: the straps could go well with multiply choices of clothing for various occasions.

Notice that if you don’t want any slipping of straps, you’d better choose a bra with wider strap.

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