3 crucial points to show if your bras could conceal your side boobs

Ability to conceal side boobs has already become a standard to see if a bra is worth buying. If we want to buy any effective side boob-concealing bra, we need to pay attention to three parts of it.

side wing of Wingslove bra
side wing of Wingslove bra
  • The width of side wing

There’s a misunderstanding that the wider the side wing, the better the quality. Many people think only wide side wing could cover the extra fat under one’s armpit. Therefore those 4-inch extra-wide bras become the best seller. Although this sounds right, some of you would find it wrong when you put those bras on. It will be very scratchy and uncomfortable under your armpit. Also, the side wing is not your fit. The reason why is that the position of breasts is up to individuals, so it leads to different request to bras design, not everyone needs extra wide side wing. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended ladies should try the products on before buying it.

  • Plastic Bone

Plastic bone is the part within bra’s lining and side wing. It’s mainly made from PVC and PE plastic products. Poisonless and tasteless, it does no harm to human body. Most of the side boob-concealing bras have 1-3 pieces of plastic bone to prevent the exposure of extra fat in boobs. Even though plastic bone is not as hard as wire, it still gives people a sense of discomfort when they wear the bras. Make sure you choose the products with less pieces of plastic bones.(provided that they could all effectively hide your extra fat)

Wingslove strapless bra
Wingslove strapless bra
  • The position of cup side

Though the effect of concealing your side boob mainly depends on your side wing, the position of cup side is also an element to make difference to it. Good cup side could better push up and conceal the side boobs. They would provide a better wearing experience along with a good side wing.

Remember to check these 3 crucial parts to make sure your bras could really help your get out of embarrassing side boob spillage in public.

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