Five Signals to remind you of changing your bras

When Winter or Spring arrives, most ladies would change their underwear less frequently. But since we couldn’t completely get rid of the bacteria from the bras with detergent or washing powder, usually the underwear should be changed once a year.

But “ONCE A YEAR” is just a recommendation, not the exact frequency you should change your underwear. The followings are the indications that it’s time for you to “update” your wardrobe.

1.Breast Spillage

If the breasts are squeezed out of the edge of the cup, it implies that the cup is too small in shape; if your breast spill out of the cup under your armpit, indicating that the band of the bra is too small or the side is too narrow.

The breast spill out of the bra
Breast Spillage

2. Bras couldn’t “stay still”

After lifting the arms, the bra is raised up, and the breasts are half-exposed, your underwear might be too loose on this occasion.

Bra is raised up when lifting your hands
Bra is raised up when lifting your hands

3. Slipping straps

The fabrics are worn out and the straps will turn to be loose after long-time usage.

  Wingslove Bra Straps
Wingslove Bra Straps

4. Bras with pinching

If you find some bruises and imprints or feel pain on your chest/your back after wearing the bras, you should be aware that whether your bra does not fit.

5. Bras with too much space

Some ladies think that buying a bigger cup will set your breast free, but actually, too much cup space not only provides less support to your breasts, but also leaves you an ungainly figure, and it will also lead to breast sagging and other breast-related issues. Therefore, a bra that fits well is the bra that you should get.

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